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About Urgency:

Please observe the following guidelines when selecting an urgency for your ticket. Many customers select urgencies higher than what is reasonable, so we've tried to describe what each level is for, and what it is not for. Please do not ignore these descriptions!
Questions, unusual work requests which you can be patient for, contact information updates, and other matters which are not really time sensitive.
Work request
Request for new services/configurations, most technical questions. Most tickets should be this level.
Urgent work request
Same as a work request, but time sensitive. Remember, everyone wants everything, yesterday. Please use this level ONLY when your work cannot continue until this request is responded to!
Impaired function
Web site/email not functioning properly. You and your site are able to function, but something has broken. This is not for things which have never worked and you're just now noticing it, nor is it for questions you have where you think something isn't working properly during your development. It is ONLY for services which have STOPPED working!
Mission critical
Something is no longer working that is causing your Web site and/or email from working whatsoever. This does NOT mean you can't get something working, it means something was working but no longer is. This almost always means there is a hardware failure or a complete software failure. DO NOT abuse this urgency level, as every UNIX administrator and support person will be paged, 24/7/365. If we determine you're abusing this feature, we will place your group name on a list that will prevent us from being paged by you, even in an actual emergency!
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