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About iMagine Internet Services

iMagine IS owned and operated by Binary Convergence, an Internet technology company based in Enfield, NH. Our main business is Web hosting, and our main customer base is small to medium sized businesses who need high quality, business class Web hosting.

iMagine IS opened its services to the public company in 1999. We remain a privately owned, profitable company.

We believe we offer the Internet marketplace a set of unique services. In 1999, there were fewer than 50 known Java capable Internet Web hosting companies. Today, there are still fewer than 200. This gives IIS a competitive edge over the majority of Web hosting ISP's. Additionally, our staff retains a higher level of skill per employee than most ISP's. Our administrators and support personnel are true professionals in their field.

iMagine IS performs our business with the highest degree of ethics in mind. We make no attempt to mislead our customers and potential customers, or cheat our customers out of their money.

iMagine IS maintains our equipment in two data centers, both in Syarcuse, NY. Our main server network is equiped with several redudant high-speed Internet connections, all redundantly and diversly routed for maximum fault tolerance. Our servers are protected by backup battery systems as well as backup power generators.

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