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May 9, 2002 - iMagine IS Releases New Site and Services
Site designed to offer more function, information, and ease of use. New services provide outstanding performance and value.

We're pleased to announce the release of our new Web site! Our main goals for this version of our Web site were to provide "1 click" navigation to as much of the site as possible, and to integrate several intelligent applications into the site. We believe we've achieved this with our new site, and we believe we've built a foundation on which we can continually improve our site's appearance and function.

The new, dynamic applications on our site will make it easier for us to post information, thereby providing you with more information than ever before. Our FAQ and news portions of the site are now dynamically driven as is much of the information contained within all pages of the site.

We expect to continually add new features to our site! Some currently planned features include:
  • Support Alerts which will automatically appear under the Support section of our site alerting you to current problems our network or servers may be experiencing, if any
  • Improved support ticket system that remembers you and gives you more options and details while contacting us for a support issue
  • Intelligent information searches that will let you search the FAQ and other areas of the site
  • Announcements email lists that will let you get automated notifications when we post news articles, support alerts, or even new FAQ questions!
New Services

Along with the release of our new site, we're also pleased to announce the availability of our newest line of services. Code-named iMagine Blue, our newest services are designed to give you the most stable, supportable and predictable environment possible. And affordable, too!

Our Blue Lite service offers every feature you need to design and deploy your own intelligent Web site. These features include JavaTM Servlets and JSPTM technology, MySQL database access and domain name hosting. At $10/month (billed semi-annually), Blue Lite offers you all these services at a price you can afford for your personal Web site or small business startup Web site.

Blue Ice adds a private Java Virtual Machine (JVMTM) to your Web site for improved security, Java performance and stability. Priced at $25/month (billed quarterly), Blue Ice is an appropriate environment to launch almost any serious Java enabled Web site, such as a serious hobby or even a small business site.

The flagship set of QOS services gives you high end service at a surprisingly low price. With as few as ten customers per server, our QOS services guarantee you high performance for your business Web site and email services. While most hosting providers pack their servers full for maximum profitability, we offer you an environment with an excess supply of resources so your site never crosses the threshold from adequate performance to degraded performance as is all too common on servers filled to, or beyond, capacity.

In all, we're confident our continually improving services and information resources provide you a superior Web hosting experience. If you have any questions or comments about our new services or Web site, please don't hesitate to contact us. Current customers can use our support ticket system at If you have a sales or pre-sales question, you can send an email to

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