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December 16, 2002 - iMagine IS Announces Immediate Availability of Tomcat 4.1
Latest version of the Tomcat Servlet container gives customers the most up-to-date, stable server-side JavaTM technology

iMagine Internet Services is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Tomcat version 4.1.12. This is the most current, stable version of Tomcat available. Tomcat 4.1 is available, starting today, to all Blue Lite, Blue Ice, and Deep Blue customers. This also includes shared JVMTM customers!

Dedicated hosting customers can request Tomcat 4.1 on their servers, however in many cases this will require a major system upgrade. We expect to be able to fully support Tomcat 4.1 within 1 week of the original request date for customers with dedicated servers.

We are confident the introduction of these new services will underscore our commitment to offering the latest JavaTM and Internet technologies in a stable, well managed environment. If you have any questions or comments about our new services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Current customers can use our support ticket system at If you have a sales or pre-sales question, you can send an email to

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